On behalf of Karawane München:

On 31.07 demonstrations against deportation will take place throughout
bavaria in Würzburg, Nürnberg, Ingolstadt, Regensburg and also in
Munich. Come all on 31.07. at 16 o’clock to Stachus in munich!

Since September 2015, three camps have come into existence in Bavaria:
in Bamberg, Manching and in Ingolstadt. They are supposed to accelerate
the deportation of people who are – due to their origin – deprived of
their right to stay. In a racist manner, they are not only classified,
but also separated from “good” refugees and taken to those deportation
camps. This method works: since the camps were instituted, thousands of
people were deported to so-called “safe countries of origin” where they
are exposed to hunger, poverty, persecution, and discrimination – in
short: an unsafe future.
This system is not new at all – only its dimension. The aim of every
single deportation, of every single rejection at the border and of every
single “voluntary return” is: the forceful preservation of the state
The fact that the asylum law was tightened three times in 2015 and draft
bills like the Integration Law make this enormous dimension of
deportation possible.
Migration is a clear-cut objection of such mechanisms and demands
solutions to the problems caused by European policy making.
Refugees who actually arrived here are the ones who had no safe life in
the first place and finally chose the “safe” way. They did not drown in
the sea, they did not die of thirst in the desert and they crossed the
borders which are “protected” by the military and Frontex. They are the
lucky ones who succeeded, even though a large number of politicians and
worried people try very hard to stop every single step of them; and we
are the ones who already are where others are striving to be. We have to
become aware of our role in this struggle and need to take up a position

We – the authors of this text – are of the opinion that there are many
society structures that need to be discussed, combated and changed.
However, the most important and most basic question of all is: “What
happens to the people who managed to come here?”. In order to answer
this question, we need to be aware of our privileged situation, to
acknowledge it and we also need to organize ourselves politically.
That is why we want to protest against those conditions. We are aware of
the fact that one demonstration is not sufficient. We are also aware of
the fact that the policy of deportation is only a part of the repressive
mechanisms, which need to be changed. We need to resist those conditions!
“We are humans. As we cannot change being human, we can change the
inhumane conditions!”
(protesting refugee in Germany 2012)